Callaghan Society

William Callaghan was a successful apothecary in Dublin when he and his wife took in an orphaned young woman named Catherine McAuley.

Catherine began to minister to the sick and needy in their community, and when Mr. Callaghan later fell ill, he left Catherine his estate.

With this inheritance, Catherine built the first House of Mercy to care for women and children and later founded the Sisters of Mercy in 1831. Her legacy is the mission of Mercy that is still alive today.

Join Us!

When you include a gift to Mercy Health Foundation in your will or estate plan, we welcome you as a member of the Callaghan Society. This special group of supporters share the same vision for excellence in health care in their community.

Along with the benefit of knowing your gift will help secure Mercy's long-term financial stability, you will also receive:

  • Regular email updates on estate tax changes
  • Invitations to special Mercy Health Foundation events

Thanks to our Callaghan Society members, for their generous support:

  • Ms. Gwendolyn E. Adams
  • Dr. Paul E. and Dr. Elizabeth J. Andrews
  • Barbara C. Archer
  • Mr. Steve and Mrs. Katie R. Banister
  • Mr. Harlos L. and Mrs. Pamela L. Barnum
  • Dr. Martin J. Bell
  • Mr. Caleb J. Berger
  • Ms. Debra A. Bland
  • Mr. Bob and Mrs. Tracy L. Brees
  • Dr. Gregory and Mrs. Donna Casalone
  • Mr. Lawrence R. and Mrs. Karen Catt
  • Dr. David E. and Mrs. Eileen V. Chalk
  • Ms. Kimberly D. Clark
  • Donald E. Thompson Trust
  • Mr. Jay D. and Mrs. Rosemary Fusaro
  • Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Diane M. Garea
  • Dr. Cole and Mrs. Staci Goodman
  • Mr. Robert M. and Mrs. Judy Headlee
  • Mrs. Deanna Hite
  • Mr. Claude E. and Mrs. Gloria Jardon
  • Jesse L. Bridges Trust
  • Layne Rainey and J. Michael Lee, MD
  • Mr. James and Mrs. Marlene A. Lesniewski
  • Ms. Deborah M. Loeffelman
  • Mr. David A. May, Jr.
  • Mr. Mark and Mrs. Shirley Mayberry
  • Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Lori A. McMillin
  • Mr. Lawrence P. and Mrs. Anya O'Reilly
  • Ms. Patricia A. Parisot
  • Judge Timothy J. Patterson
  • Mrs. Susan Rentz
  • Ms. Frances Schelich
  • Mr. Leon I. Schlemper
  • Mr. Herbert and Mrs. Judy Schmidt
  • Ms. Gloria J. Scott
  • Mr. Bill and Mrs. Suzanne Seek
  • Mr. John W. and Mrs. Linda J. Seibold
  • Mr. Jeffery P. and Ms. Kimberly M. Shriver
  • Mrs. Anita G. Spearman
  • Mrs. Neta Sue Stamps
  • Mr. Mitchell and Mrs. Karen Stern
  • Dr. Donovan M. and Mrs. Deborah S. Stinnett
  • Mrs. Shirley A. Stonecipher
  • Mr. Steven Strauch
  • Mr. Dick and Mrs. Nancy Trammel
  • Ms. Betty Werle
  • Mr. Nick and Mrs. Connie L. White
  • Mrs. Billie J. Williams
  • Mrs. Audrey Wiser
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